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Professional Development

Professional Development

Success of our company is possible thanks to the effort of each employee. We achieve our goals thanks to their professionalism, engagement and teamwork abilities. Each person contributes something new to the company: knowledge, experience, new ideas. Our goal is to create an optimum work environment, where each employee is able to use their potential in the best possible way. In accordance with our philosophy, human capital is the basis of company’s success. We invest in the development of our employees; in particular through trainings. Our trainings plan covers employees of all grades and divisions. We offer participation in open and specialist ‘custom made’ trainings organized by renowned polish and German companies. This enables our employees a constant acquisition of new knowledge and professional qualifications. We offer our assistance in advancing qualifications within the framework of internal trainings led by our experienced employees. The company supports also interest of employees towards their personal development, by offering financial backing for studies and language courses.

Because of regular cooperation with international clients, we put special emphasis on the knowledge of foreign languages, in particular English and German. We work with dynamic and flexible teams, combining experience and technical knowledge with modern management principles.

We enable possibilities for promotions reflected both in vertical as lateral moves.

In 2002 the company started cooperation with the Machine Department of the Technical University in Radom (currently University of Technology and Humanities). Thanks to this cooperation the university gained the newest polish laboratory for machine tools with numerical control. Didactic process is supported by employees of PMP Poland Sp. z o.o. The company offers as well summer apprenticeships and professional industrial experiences for several months enabling the students to familiarize during their university career with problems related with CNC machine tools treatment (in particular Heidenhain programmers language and generating programs in Mastercam), thermal matching of metal (cutting, bending, laser treatment), designing in AutoCad and Solid Works as well as the principles of developing technological processes for individual and small serial production.

Since 2006 the company offers trainings for students of the Technical Education School Complex in Radom. We also accept students directed by their school within the programme ‘enterprise days’.

After graduating from their studies, many graduates of the Machine Department of the University of Technology and Arts and the Technical Education School Complex are hired at our company.